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Program Rules & Guidelines


The annual SELECT STALLION STAKES purses are determined by the enrollment participation of both stallions and their progeny. SELECT STALLION STAKES shall use these numbers and its best judgment to determine both the quantity of annual incentive events and the amount to be distributed at each location. SELECT STALLION STAKES shall designate which B.B.R. approved events will receive SELECT STALLION STAKES incentive money. The criteria for the selection of such incentive events shall be based on proximity to participating stallions, history of event including number of years in production, amount of added money, number of entries, as well as reputation of the facility as a quality venue. Preference will be given to producers in good standing with B.B.R., who are hosting events which are B.B.R. sanctioned, and to events which B.B.R. assigns as American Rodeo Regional Contender Tournament Events and or American Rodeo Regional Semi-Finals/Finals Events.

Stallion Enrollment…

The annual season shall be November 15 of the current year, thru December 31 of the coming year. Annual Participation fee for stallions shall be $2,500. 20% shall be retained for promotion and administration, and 80% shall be attributed to the season bonus and breeders fund purses. Purse portion of all stallion enrollments received will be attributed to the season for which they are paid, as indicated on the enrollment form.

There is no limit to the number of stallions that will be accepted for participation.


Progeny Enrollment…

Beginning January 1, 2023 Select Stallion Stakes will no longer accept weanling or yearling enrollments without copy of registration papers. Horses must be at least TWO YEARS OLD to be enrolled. Any enrollments received without a copy of the horse's registration certificate verifying parentage and date of birth will be returned to sender.

Grandfathering of progeny will be allowed for the following fee, for the life of the program so long as a stallion maintains consecutive annual enrollment:

  • $200 for all Grandfathered Horses (applies to any age horse sired by a currently participating stallion). 25% shall be retained for promotion and administration and 75% shall be attributed to purses. (This rate will be increasing January 1, 2025 to $350).

  • $350 for Horses by stallions which have dropped out of the program (applies only to horses born or conceived during a season a drop out stallion was participating). $100 shall be retained for promotion and administration and $200 shall be attributed to purses. (This Rate will be increasing to $500 January 1, 2025).

Progeny enrollments must be received by the office with payment and copy of registration certificate a MINIMUM OF 10 DAYS PRIOR TO COMPETITION for a horse to be eligible for bonus payout. Likewise changes of ownership must be received a MINIMUM OF 10 DAYS PRIOR TO COMPETITION for a the bonus check to be paid to someone other than the owner on record with Select Stallion Stakes.
UPDATE: Regarding frozen embryos that are being retained to use in the future; It is Select Stallion Stakes, LLC position, this is outside the scope of how our program operates and outside industry normal standard practice, i.e. retained frozen embryos are an exception by choice of the owner. We cannot extend enrollment to retained frozen embryos beyond what is industry normal standard practice for all other foals. By definition, the Select Stallion Stakes stallion participation and progeny enrollment rules are written for foals which are conceived during the breeding season of one year and foaled the following season / subsequent year.

All progeny enrollment fees received in the current year, nor matter the age of the horse at time of enrollment, those fees paid will be added to the payout the following year.


Select Stallion Stakes Stallion Breeders Futurities shall be open only to enrolled progeny of stallions which are currently or previously participated in Select Stallion Stakes, based on progeny enrollment rules (see above).

Futurity Eligibility: 2024 Futurities shall be open to Select Stallion Stakes enrolled horses 5 years old and under in 2024 (foals of 2019 or after) which have never competed in barrel racing for money, points or prizes, anywhere in the world, prior to November 15, 2023.

Format: Number of go-rounds shall be determined by the event producer and Select Stallion Stakes. On round events, and those with two long go-rounds will be run on a 2D format (full-second split) with a progressive payout. If an Average is paid, the Average will be a straight payout.

Entry Information, Entry Forms and Ground Rules shall be determined by the host event producer and Select Stallion Stakes. This information shall be available through the host event producer.

Enrolled stallions who are futurity eligible may compete in events and receive SELECT STALLION STAKES payout money when they themselves compete in a Breeders Futurity.


SELECT STALLION STAKES BONUS INCENTIVE PURSES shall be split 60% to the Owner, 40% to the Stallion Owner. Office fees will be deducted from all enrollments upon receipt of the payment for the purpose of promotion and administration of the SELECT STALLION STAKES program.
Incentive bonus purses will be attached only at selected events over the course of the season and distributed directly by SELECT STALLION STAKES. Should there be fewer participants at an incentive event than the recommended incentive payout provides for per class, 100% of the advertised amount will redistributed accordingly in placing order to those in the class.
Enrolled stallions who are still competing in barrel racing are also eligible to receive SELECT STALLION STAKES bonus money when they themselves are ridden at an event where SELECT STALLION STAKES money is offered.

Divisional Bonus:

  • Most Divisional Bonus Purses shall be assigned to BBR approved events.

  • Divisional payouts will be based on 4D’s with even money split 25% to each division so long as there are enough enrolled horses in each division to meet the recommended payout. SELECT STALLION STAKES reserves the right to re-distribute purse as it sees fit for an equitable payout. UPDATE: BEGINNING IN 2023 Should there not be enough horses in a particular division to fill the prescribed payout, places will be added in the other divisions to distribute bonus money to horses that would have otherwise been out of the money. When there are not enough horses to fill the prescribed 4D half-second split, we will pick up horses on down into the 5D. RUNS WITH TIPPED BARRELS WILL ONLY BE INCLUDED IN THE BONUS PAYOUT IF THERE ARE SHORTAGE OF CLEAN RUNS TO FILL A PRESCRIBED PAYOUT.

  • Horse must be Paid in Full enrolled in SELECT STALLION STAKES.

  • Horse must be identified on entry form and in the subsequent event results by registered name to be SELECT STALLION STAKES Incentive eligible at an event.

  • Contestants competing on SELECT STALLION STAKES ELIGIBLE HORSE do not have to be a B.B.R. Member, except at B.B.R. produced events where membership is required by all contestants.

  • SELECT STALLION STAKES shall determine which day/race bonus purses are paid at all multi-day/race events.

  • Number of places paid will be determined by the total amount of the Bonus offered per day/race.

  • Select Stallion Stakes Bonus checks are paid to the highest placing enrolled horses within the open jackpot divisions. We do NOT set new division splits.


The American Semi-Finals & Rodeo Bonus:

  • Incentive payouts will be based on a straight payout (no divisions).

  • Horse must be Paid in Full enrolled in SELECT STALLION STAKES.

  • Horse must be identified by contestant by registered name to be SELECT STALLION STAKES Incentive eligible at an event.

  • SELECT STALLION STAKES Bonus Incentive Money will be paid out on the long goes.

  • Number of places paid will be determined by the total amount of the Incentive offered.


General Rules…

SELECT STALLION STAKES reserves the right to refuse any enrollment nomination.
SELECT STALLION STAKES is a for profit LLC. SELECT STALLION STAKES reserves the right to alter the conditions of all or part of the program as it, in its sole discretion, deems advisable. SELECT STALLION STAKES may cancel the program at any time with no refund if it deems the participation is insufficient to justify the program. Should that decision be made, SELECT STALLION STAKES will end the program by placing all existing collected payout funds into one bonus event.
All money will be maintained in a SELECT STALLION STAKES Account and managed by the Select Stallion Stakes program administrator.
Once a horse has paid in full for their progeny enrollment, they shall be eligible for incentives payouts for the life of the program regardless of whether the sire continues to participate. Likewise, a stallion will be eligible for sire incentives for the life of the program from his paid in full progeny.
In order for incentive money to be paid out, a horse’s owner/agent is responsible for providing the horse’s registered name to host event producers and making sure it is spelled correctly on draw and results lists. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS WILL BE POSTED ON THE SELECT STALLION STAKES WEB SITE. ANY INQUIRIES MUST BE MADE WITHIN 7 DAYS OF POSTING. IF NO INQUIRIES ARE RECEIVED CHECKS WILL BE CUT AND RESULTS WILL BECOME OFFICIAL. AND NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE.
All disputes arising out of the application or interpretation of any rules or conditions of the SELECT STALLION STAKES shall be decided by SELECT STALLION STAKES.
RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES: It is recognized that SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC has established the rules and conditions for participation in the SELECT STALLION STAKES. By participating in this program and/or entering a contest where incentive money is offered each participant agrees to be bound by rules and conditions as established by and as interpreted by SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC. In the event of a dispute with respect to any matter governing the award of prizes, awards and monies, the decision by SELECT STALLION STAKES, LLC shall be final, binding and not subject to challenge in any court of law.

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